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Devconnect Istanbul 2023

In 2023 Blockswap brought REstaking Cloud and Intents to ETHDenver. The event took place with two tracks.

Restaking Cloud: Creating decentralized and permissionless security on demand.

Intents: Upholding a permissionless and inclusive future for web3.


@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Matt Shams & Vincent Ameida - Blockswap Labs

Restaking Cloud: K2 Deep Dive

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Juan Andreu - El Dorado

Leveraging Restaking to Enhance User Safety

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Mike Silagadze -

Decentralized RPC with Restaking

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Claudio Cossio - Meta Pool

Funding Public Goods in Emerging Markets Through Liquid Staking

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Edi Sinovcic - Nimbora

How to scale L1 DeFi trustlesly to L2s

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Simon Furlong - Geode

Liquid Staking Infrastructure

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Peter Murzin - Blockswap Labs

Programmable MPC

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Vicent Almeida - Blockswap Labs

MEV Plus

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Gloria Lee - Versatus

Build without Barriers

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Sebastian Bürgel - Hopr

Safe Staking of Token Infrastructure from Home

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Matthias Ang - SSV

Launching a DV Network / Protocol

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Pablo Villalba - Diva

DVT powered Liquid Staking - economics & risk mgmt

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Garvit Goel - Electron

Enabling ETH Stakers to provide Security to Cosmos chains using ZK

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Pol Lanski - Dappnode

Solo Stakers and the choices ahead

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Derek Lee - Kurtosis

Private full featured testnet that powered Ethereum Merge, now for Restaking Cloud

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Chunda McCain - Ion Protocol

Incentives Behind the Stakeholders in Restaking Platforms

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Rushi Manche - Movement

Ethereum Security for Next-Gen Virtual Machines

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Alex Vinas - Cowswap

Smart contract intents: the rise of smart orders

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Murat Akdeniz - Primev

Improving Trade Execution in MEV

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

AJ Park - Radius

The ePBS of Rollup Ecosystem for Atomic Execution

BSN Intents

Vincent Almeida & Andrea Lyng - Blockswap Labs

vEVM Intents Computer

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Jannik Luhn - Shutter Network

Encrypted mempools and intents - an oxymoron?

@Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Bikem Bengisu - Essentail

ERC-7521 Generalized intents for Smart contracts

Spotlight interviews


ETHCC 2023

In 2023 Blockswap came to Paris to give a few talks:

Restaking and LSD: Creating a composable validator marketplace.

Proof of Neutrality Network and Optimistic MEV+: Upholding a permissionless and inclusive future of Web3.

ETH Denver 2023

In 2023 Blockswap brought Multichain ERC20 to ETHDenver. The event took place with three tracks.

Upgrade your ERC20: Go between blockchains without a bridge.

Liquid Staking Derivatives Networks: Create your own LSD Network in 60 seconds.

Proof of Neutrality Relay: Introducing Ethereum first Encrypted Mempool with PBS contract.


Spotlight interviews


Devconnect Amsterdam 2022

In 2022 Blockswap came to Devconnect to share what they have been building at their Multichain ETH event.

Our Devconnect Istanbul event is over

Check our Multichain Event page for more videos and insight!